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I want to install HomeRun on multiple computers. What is allowed?
HomeRun XL Version 3.1 is a full multi-user program. This means that the program can be installed on as many computer in your office as you wish.
The proviso is that all these computers must be on the same local network within the same building using the same set of data.
How can I access my copy of HomeRun installed in the office from home?
There are many different programs that allow you to do that. However, the best one we found is a program called I'm In Touch from The cost is just a little over $ 100.00 a year.
This is the program we use to access our computer when we're out of the office.
See their web site at You can try out a Trail version to ensure it will work for you.
Another option is to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This option will allow you to run HomeRun in a similar manner as if you we're actually accessing the program data in the same office.
How do I install HomeRun XL on a LAN

On the main computer where the data/reports will be accessed, share the HomeRun folder. Make sure that you tick the box to allow users to change data. The Installation default for HomeRun is C:/HomeRun Software/HomeRun 3.1. The folder to share is the HomeRun 3.1 folder.

On each workstation computer where HomeRun will run, map a drive letter to the Server computer. (the one where the data will be kept) We recommend that you use drive letter "H" for consistency. We recommend you name the share name as "HomeRun"

On the Workstations, install HomeRun from the installation CD. Choose the Workstation Setup. Follow the prompts in the installation program. At the end of the installation, you will be prompted for the location of the main data. Assuming you've mapped the drive as "H", you would type in the box H:/DATA. You will have to use the drive letter you mapped earlier.

Note: If you are running Windows Vista or 7, you will need to set up individual permissions for each use that logs onto the server. While we have extensive experience with networking, we cannot take responsibility for setting up your network. We suggest that you call a local computer technician to do this part of the installation.

I've taken a car on trade that I previously sold. How do I find this vehicle?
On the main menu - click Data -> Check Duplicate VIN and enter the serial number. If the VIN is in the table, it will tell you the Stock Number of this vehicle.
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