This page last modified on Saturday, March 19, 2016

What is HomeRun XL Version 3.12?

HomeRun XL Version 3.12 is your complete Sales & Management Tool.

HomeRUn XL Version.3.12 performs the following major actions.

  • Manage Vehicle Inventory - HomeRun XL Version 3.12 will allow you to accurately manage your vehicle inventory. You will be able to view your total cost & profit for each vehicle at a glance for any current and previous inventory.

  • Vehicle Expenses - HomeRUn XL Version 3.12 allows you to track all your vehicle expenses. As you incur expenses for each vehicle, you enter the individual expenses you incur them. The program will automatically keep track of these expenses. You can view the complete detail or totals in the Vehicle Information screens.

  • Manage Contact  Information   - With HomeRun, you will be able to find all your Contact Information in 1 place no matter what type of Contact it is.

  • Manage the Selling and Buying of Wholesale Vehicles - Produce Agreements to allow you to Wholesale the buying and selling of Vehicles to other Dealers.

  • Retail Bill of Sale - Produce professional looking Bills of Sale without the buying of expensive forms which prints on your local printer. Calculate loans with monthly, bi-monthly, bi-weekly payments. Does all calculations automatically from within the program.

  • Reports - Print Sales and Profit reports as required ensuring that you know at all time the profitability of all transactions. Also comparative sales and profit report for any monthly or annual period showing difference in amount and percentage.
  • HST Calculations - All of our Invoices and Bills of Sale (Wholesale & Retail) calculate the HST automatically.

Why do you need HomeRun XL Version 3.12?

In today's complex and competitive business environment, it is becoming more difficult to consistently produce profitable sales. HomeRun XL Version 3.12 allows you to professionally manage your entire operation from sales lead to completed sales.

Take HomeRun XL Version 3.1 for a test ride today. Download a free fully functional 30 day evaluation copy of HomeRun today. You won't be disapointed.