This page last modified on Saturday, March 19, 2016


Save Time and Money
There is no need to purchase pre-printed forms for bills of sale. With a laser/inkjet printer, you simply print the bill of sale and the form is ready for the Customer to sign. Changes are a snap, extra copies easy and cheap to make and above all, the paperwork is neat, tidy, legible and very professional looking. All information is permanently recorded and searchable. If anyone needs to look up a deal again in the future, it is on the screen and printable in an instant ... no need to go looking for illegible paper records filed away somewhere.

Ensure Profitability
Even before the Bill of Sale is printed, you know exactly how much profit you will make from a sale. No more guessing or errors doing mental computations on the fly, HomeRun does it all for you.

Track Expenses for Each Vehicle
You can track all expenses incurred for each vehicle thereby ensuring that you are aware at all time exactly how much potential profit you have in any sale before you complete any deals.

Validate Serial Numbers
HomeRun Automatically checks the VIN you entered each time you leave the VIN field and informs you if it is not a valid serial number. There is also a separate VIN Checker so you can check the validity of a VIN without opening your Vehicle Info form

Validate Vehicle Year
HomeRun automatically obtains the year of a vehicle from the Serial Number (after it ascertains the VIN is valid) and inserts it in the record.

Calculate Loan Payments
HomeRun allows you calculate Loan Payment periods in the Retail Bill of Sale by Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Weekly and Bi-Weekly periods.

Wholesale Buy and Sell
Allows you to purchase and sell wholesale to other Dealers. Prints Bills of Sale appropriate for the transaction .

Windows Flyers
Produce individual professional looking Windows Flyers for the Vehicles on your lot.

Many reports are included with the program such as Vehicle Listings, Delivery Schedules, Inventory Valuation Reports, Sales Reports, Purchase & Tax Reports and more.

Allows you to have full User Security such as Access to the programs. Fields, such as profit & cost can be hidden from employees on a need to know basis. Menu Security allows you to decide if certain Employees can see or access certain form and items.

Network Ready
HomeRun is a multi-user Network Ready application. Unlike most other programs that force you to purchase an upgrade or additional copies when you want to work on a network, with HomeRun, you simply add another computer to your network and install the same program on the new computer, perform a simple configuration and you are ready to use the program on multiple computers at no extra cost. You are licenced to use the program on an unlimited number of computers on a single local network.

HomeRun XL Version 3.12 is designed to be used in the Provinces which use the integrated HST.
The program calculates the HST automatically in all Retail & Wholesale Bills of Sale.
It also calculated the HST Registrant's portion of the HST where a Registrant trades in their vehicles on the purchase of a new vehicle.
Currently, the Version 3.12 is available for the Provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.