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This page last modified on Monday June 19, 2017

HomeRun Technical Support

HomeRun Software is committed to providing the best possible techical support for HomeRun XL 3.5 Users.

We offer a complete portfolio of high quality, innovative technical support to help you get the most from HomeRun XL 3.5.

This section describes the technical support resources available.

New User Support

It is especially critical that new Users get extra support during the first 30 day of purchase. This is the time that training and set up issues come up.

Our main support method is by being able to log into your computers over the Internet. This way, we can help with training issues in a time sensative manner.

Provided your computer systems are on the Internet, we use a service that will allow us to securely log into your system to deal with technical, set up issues and training.

How ShowMyPC works.

You will need to use Internet Explorer to log into our web space on ShowMyPC web site.

Once there, you will press on the link "Show My PC to Remote User" and run a small memory resident program on your computer. Don't worry, this program is only installed temporarily on your system. Once we log off your system, this program will be erased from your system.

Depending on your operating system, you will press the "Run" button that will install the program. After that, you will press the button that says "Show My PC Now". This will produce a 4 digit password which you will give to us over the phone. This password will allow us to make a secure connection to your system. For Security reasons, we have to go through this same procedure each and every time we log into your system so there is no compromising your security.

HomeRun Product Maintenance

Software must be maintained. As bugs are found and other minor changes become necessary, software maintenance updates will be available.

You will be notified by email when these updates are available with a link to download the updates and detailed instructions to applying the updates. We are also available to log into your systems to help you with these updates.

HomeRun Product Upgrades

We are constantly adding new functionality to the program. An important part of your subscription/purchase is the assurance that the product will evolve with changes in technology.

These upgrades are included in the price of your Annual Subscription. For those users that are on our legacy plan, this updates is free provided you have paid us your support fee.

HomeRun Bug Report.

If you believe you have encountered a bug in HomeRun, simply send us an email at support@homerunsoftware.net with a subject line that begins with "BUG". We will evaluate our bug report on a non-priority basis. If a bug is indeed found, we will notify you by email of the solution.

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